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At Concerted Action, we believe in organizing. Our goal is to help unions and nonprofits fully harness technology to build a movement.

Our digital experts understand how to generate measurable results to advance union and community organizing. We have a deep understanding of advocacy and labor organizations. With decades of experience strategically integrating digital and traditional communication tools, we are well-equipped to enhance your next campaign or provide ongoing support for your organization.

We specialize in recruiting supporters, building a community and generating organizing action. We also provide ongoing data and technology support so that your campaign can scale up quickly by leveraging accurate contact and assessment information. In short, we leverage powerful digital tools to generate online activism that has lasting impacts offline.

The Concerted Action team know organizing technology and our toolset backwards and forwards. They’ve been instrumental in supporting some of our largest partners ... We’re grateful for their work on behalf of our partners and the progressive movement as a whole.

Brian Young
Executive Director, Action Network

I’m so glad Concerted Action is out there working for unions. I recommend them all the time to organizations. Concerted Action understands how unions work and help them make the connection between communications and technology. They are always my #1 recommendation when unions are looking for help.

Chris Kenngott

Concerted Action has been a great tool for us. Their expertise and willingness to jump in whenever needed has helped us be able to try new things and take on more than our little in-house team could do on our own. When it comes to growing the union, it’s all hands on deck and we’re so happy to have Concerted Action be part of our team.

Connie Mabin
Director, New Media, United Steelworkers

The Poor People’s Campaign has been working with the Help Desk for over a year and they’re an absolute godsend. They’ve got the technical expertise to solve complicated questions for really talented digital organizing staff — and at the same time they provide excellent support for our less tech-savvy volunteers who have very basic questions.

Amy Miller
Donor Organizer, Poor People’s Campaign/Kairos Center

Concerted Action's guidance was invaluable as we launched a new organization with ambitious local and national campaign goals. Christian and his team helped us start out with the best organizing technology, and made sure that our field staff knew how to use it. With their specialized care and attention, our team is up and running smoothly!

Ría Thompson-Washington
Digital Organizing Director, The Redress Movement

We are Concerted Action

Since 2015, we’ve provided technical and organizing support to a wide range of organizations, including: Advocates for Minor Leaguers, the AFL-CIO, AFSCME, Amazon Labor Union, Common Cause, CWA, The Democrats, Daily Kos, New York Times Tech Guild, OPEIU, Poor People’s Campaign, Starbucks Workers United, Trader Joe’s Workers United, USW, UWUA, Wells Fargo Workers United and many more. Let us put our expertise to work for your organizing efforts.

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