At Concerted Action, we believe in organizing.

Founded by Christian Norton in 2015, Concerted Action lives at the intersection of digital organizing strategy and digital organizing technology.

We’ve supported the organizing programs of many successful campaigns, including for the New York Times Tech Guild, Wirecutter, Union of Pitt, Verizon Wireless Workers United, T-Mobile Workers United, Committee for Better Banks, Starbucks Workers United, Wells Fargo Workers United, Trader Joes United, Minor League Baseball players and many many more.

We’ve provided high-level technical, training and production support through our Organizers Helpdesk program to several large and complex operations including United Steelworkers, AFSCME, the AFL-CIO, DNC and the Poor Peoples Campaign.

Christian Norton

Founder and CEO

Christian specializes in helping unions and non-profits use digital tools to further their organizing and communications goals. He spent nearly a decade working directly for non-profit organizations while in Washington, DC, including as Communications Director at Working America.

While at Concerted Action he has worked with 60 different organizations using proven email-, ad- and social media-based strategies, and leveraging powerful digital tools to generate real activism and recruit members. Christian is also the leading expert in Action Network, providing migrations, integrations, customizations, and support for most of the major partners.

Maura Pond

Digital Organizing Director

Maura Pond is a digital communications strategist based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Maura spent nearly thirteen years at the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union in Washington, D.C. getting to know the richness and diversity of America’s working class from the inside of meat-packing plants, grocery stores, cannabis dispensaries, medical centers, food-processing facilities, and more. Maura has worked with local unions and campaigns around the country to help build up their digital programs, and has provided support for major actions such as the OUR Walmart Black Friday Strikes and the 2019 Stop & Shop strike.

Sara Wallenfang

Campaigns Director

Sara Wallenfang is a digital communications strategist based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sara began her work in the labor movement in 2007, traveling the country as an organizer with American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. She has spent much of her career at the AFL-CIO, most prominently directing communications during Act 10 protests in Wisconsin as well as during the opposition to Right to Work in Michigan, and most recently coordinating the national digital campaign to recruit poll workers for the 2020 election. In between AFL-CIO positions, Sara spent several years managing the legislative, political, and communications departments at the Michigan Nurses Association, which is an affiliate of National Nurses United and the AFL-CIO. She also has community 501c3/501c4 experience as a regional organizing director for Michigan United and the Michigan People’s Campaign, which are affiliates of People’s Action.

Mike Carvalho

Digital Strategy Director

Mike Carvalho served as a key member of the digital team at the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees in Washington, D.C., for close to 15 years. He guided and executed the online program for AFSCME’s International Union while coordinating closely with affiliate unions and organizing campaigns across the country to increase digital capacity and introduce new tools and processes. As a consultant, Mike has developed and implemented effective digital solutions for labor unions, advocacy groups, and political and legislative campaigns.

Peter Thacher

Organizers Helpdesk Technician

Peter Thacher is a full-time grad student and part-time Organizers Helpdesk Technician. His wide knowledge of digital systems allows him to quickly tackle even the most difficult of tickets. Before returning to college he previously filled the role of Digital Organizer at Concerterd Action where he produced digital campaign content to help organizations win and gain new supporters. A longtime organizer, he also helped unionize two of his wordplaces.