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Advocates for Minor Leaguers

Organizing about 5,500 Minor League Baseball players was a major league task – and led to a home run for players and the union movement. Minor League Baseball voluntarily recognized the players’ union just weeks after their union campaign went public and they immediately affiliated with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA), but Concerted Action had already been working with Advocates for Minor Leaguers for months.

During the organizing campaign and through negotiations for the historic first contract the players won months later – which included significant improvements in salaries, medical benefits, retirement, and more – Concerted Action supported critical player intake processes, data management, and the use of Action Network and Action Builder digital organizing tools.

ASL Interpreters Union

In 2024, Concerted Action helped launch the ASL Interpreters Union, a project of the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU). After designing their logo, Concerted Action supported this new organizing effort with a robust lead generation program, deploying ads across social media platforms, developing leads, managing intake, and directing ASL interpreters to an organizing survey.

We helped ASL interpreters address unique accessibility concerns that were critical to their potential members, and followed up by inviting survey-takers to contact an organizer directly. Concerted Action also provided the ASL Interpreters Union with data management and integration of Action Network and Action Builder campaigns.

The Committee For Better Banks and Wells Fargo Workers United

The Committee for Better Banks (CBB) is a project of The Communications Workers of America, with Wells Fargo Workers United being its most innovative and visible win for bank workers to date. Concerted Action has played a major role in this campaign from the beginning.

Beneficial State Bank workers organized with CBB in 2020, marking the first banking industry union in decades. Additional victories followed at Lake Michigan Federal Credit Union and the banking industry began to take notice. In 2023 and 2024 at Wells Fargo – one of the worst actors among big banks – the campaign really took off, with an ongoing string of union votes at bank branches across the country.

Concerted Action has worked closely with CBB on multiple aspects of this online-to-offline organizing campaign, including generating leads via digital advertising and social media, building support through petitions and a “midyear review” from Wells Fargo workers to their employer, recruiting and registering participants in online orientations and organizing trainings, use of Action Network and Action Builder digital organizing tools, and designing and producing flyers for in-person organizing at bank branches.

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